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NVIDIA Broadcast with OBS

OBS 28.0 adds NVIDIA Broadcast features

OBS launched a new update to its platform, which added native integration for a few NVIDIA Broadcast features.
Sony Xperia 5 IV featured image

Sony releases Xperia 5 IV with three 4K HDR cameras

Sony released the Xperia 5 IV, the latest in the Xperia 5 series. This phone features improved cameras and new livestreaming capabilities.
Tamron 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 Di III RXD

Tamron announces Nikon Z mount 70-300 mm zoom lens

Tamron says it's releasing the Nikon Z mount 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 Di III RXD lens sometime later this year in the fall.
Image of 2 shotgun microphones

The best shotgun microphones for video – 2022

Shotgun microphones are a standard for capturing great audio. These are the best shotgun microphones you can get right now.
Viltrox claims Canon told it to stop selling RF mount lenses

Viltrox claims Canon told it to stop selling RF mount lenses

Viltrox reportedly was told to stop selling RF mount products. This is according to a Viltrox spokesperson.
HyperX Armada 25 and 27 monitors announced

HyperX announces new Armada gaming monitors

HyperX revealed two gaming monitors: the HyperX Armada 25 and Armada 27, both of which feature a desk mount and an ergonomic mounting arm.

Fixing Rough and Discolored Edges for Green Screen

Green Screen work is complex, even under ideal circumstances, and working with footage that hasn't been lit or shot properly can be pretty tough. In this segment, we show you how to fix...
DJI Avata FPV Drone

DJI announces new professional drone: Avata

DJI revealed the Avata drone, a drone for beginner and professional filmmaking pilots, and aims to deliver an immersive flight experience.
Sony Alpha 7 IV

Sony A7 IV firmware update withdrawn

Sony recently released a new firmware update for the Sony A7 IV mirrorless camera. However, it was quickly withdrawn.
DJI Mavic 3

EU Mavic 3 owners can fly without passing drone exam

DJI received the world's first C1 drone certificate from the European Drone Regulations for its Mavic 3 drone line.

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Auto-tracking PTZ cameras: How to choose one

Auto-tracking PTZ cameras are versatile cameras that can be useful in many different situations. This video will discuss who needs auto-tracking cameras and how they're being used, we'll talk about their application and how to choose one. We'll discuss three...

The Videomaker Podcast

Filmmaking roles on set
Many professionals play a key role in the filmmaking process. Here is a quick rundown of everyone who makes the films we love possible.
Zencastr announced a major update for its web-based podcasting platform, adding video recording and distribution.
Apple MacBook
Apple discovered a potential flaw in iPhones, iPads and Mac computers that could allow hackers to take full control of the devices.
Professional camcorders are often smaller, lighter, cheaper, and have more controls than other cameras. These are the best on the market today.
These days, anyone with access to a smartphone can connect with fans and friends from all over the world. However, the more complex your stream, the more gear you’ll likely need. Each set up has advantages and disadvantages, and each can be customized to suit your specific needs. Let's...





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